Green Beret Programme

It is common knowledge that the financial markets sector is difficult to break into but offers great rewards.  The Hatstand Green Beret Programme was developed to provide a gateway to the industry for individuals from other sectors with strong transferrable technology skills. As a Hatstand Green Beret, you will be employed as a permanent member of staff and should expect to spend the vast majority of your time on client site. Hatstand will remain in charge of your pastoral care, training and professional development.

Hatstand Green Berets work in technically challenging roles across our client base where they can leverage current expertise while also developing financial markets specific skills and knowledge. Hatstand Green Berets work alongside senior finance technologists whilst receiving support from the HGB development and training programme.    

By the completion of the programme, Hatstand Green Berets have typically gained considerable knowledge of financial markets technology platforms and practices that facilitate trading, risk management or regulation & compliance.  

See HGB Infographic for more detail.